We support education and want to help our MUA's-in-training!

We know education is a great investment, so we are pleased to offer our Student Discount Program for Students in Makeup/Beauty School. This program offers all student artists additional discounts. Just fill out the downloadable application below and email it back to us with the proper information about your school. Upon approval, you will receive your student discount code to use at checkout. Stock up your school kit or treat yourself to a little extra credit!

A) Download the PDF application and neatly fill in all information necessary.

B) Be sure to attach or mail your school curriculum/Syllabus

Please email us this information to info@kasinaprofessional.com

Click Here to Download the Student Discount Application

*** If you already have been approved as a STUDENT with us and your discount code is NOT working,

please email us at info@kasinaprofessional.com ***